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Light Bulb

  • By Stephanie SimpsonSeptember
  • Date: May 24 2016

We finally attacked the garage. After three years of living with a packed garage (ala one of those depressing clean-the-clutter tv shows), we finally cleaned up and cleaned out. Granted, all of the junk was not our own. We inherited 60 years worth of garage workshop engine grease, nuts, bolts, cobwebs, tools, furniture and randomness from my husband’s grandfather. I don’t think the garage had ever been cleaned out, but now, it’s a place of glory and wonder. It’s so big and empty, I could actually park a car in there! Or even better, it could be a photo studio! Crazytalk, I know, but a girl can dream…

Buried deep in the clutter, I found this grubby blue lightbulb. The blue coating had flaked away and left this pattern of trees. I think it’s beautiful. I shot it with my point-and-shoot Canon ELPH camera using the macro setting. I held the light bulb up to the sky so I wouldn’t see anything behind it and the background would be all blown out.

What a nice thing to find beauty in even the grungiest of places.

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