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What should we wear in the pictures?

I love pictures of people looking like themselves, especially children. Rather than dressing in your finery, just be yourselves. Keep clothes and accessories simple so the pictures look timeless. Avoid lots of patterns and clothing with logos. Bring a couple of clothing options for variety. Adults look best in casual clothes like jeans or sundresses. Kiddos look great in bare feet, simple, colorful clothes, and costumes. Babies always look best in their birthday suits or just a diaper.

How long will a session last?

Every session is different, but most last between 1-2 hours. For family shoots, kids and grown-ups should be well fed, rested, and have snacks available. I like to get to know my clients before we get started, take our time, and make the sessions fun.

Where should we shoot?

I shoot exclusively on location, using natural light. Sometimes I supplement with simple studio lighting. Choose a location you love, such as your backyard, a favorite park, or the beach. Shoots should be scheduled for mornings or late afternoons for the prettiest light.

What should we do in the pictures?

Family shoots are a lot of fun. Bubbles, wrestling on the ground, playing dress-up, running around, tumbling, water fights, and general mayhem are the order of the day. I specialize in capturing shots of people just being themselves, and try to avoid overly-posed shots.

Do you have any specials?

Yes! To celebrate summer, I’m offering one free 8 x 10 print and a free set of 4 x 6 prints of your photo session! Now’s the time to shoot in the sprinklers, the swimming pool, or at your family barbecue.