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Light Bulb

  • By Stephanie SimpsonSeptember
  • Date: May 24 2016

We finally attacked the garage. After three years of living with a packed garage (ala one of those depressing clean-the-clutter tv shows), we finally cleaned up and cleaned out. Granted, all of the junk was not our own. We inherited 60 years worth of garage workshop engine grease, nuts, bolts, cobwebs, tools, furniture

Personalizing a Present

  • By Stephanie SimpsonSeptember
  • Date: Feb 10 2016

I always wait until the last minute to wrap presents. No matter how careful I am, my gift-wrapping usually ends up looking like a toddler did it, so I'm always looking for easy ways to spruce up my packages. Since I rely on re-gifting my gift bags, and I usually only buy wrapping paper every zillion years or so, I sometimes have to get creative. Here is a great idea suitable for any occassion - birtdays, wedding anniversaries, baby showers and so on.

Digital Pictures Can Help You With Your INSURANCE!

  • By Stephanie SimpsonSeptember
  • Date: Nov 10 2015

I discovered recently that I hadn’t adjusted our renter’s insurance since we got married (yikes!) and now we have a lot more stuff. My insurance company suggested that I document all the contents of my house, make a list with values of all my worldly goods, but that seems like a real pain. I have an easier solution. Here are some simple steps for documenting all your worldly goods with your